Monday, August 20, 2012

American Flea Market

                                  American Flea Market

Whoever said money can't buy happiness 

simply didn't know where to go shopping ~Bo Derek


     Albert Lafarge wrote that one of the first American flea markets began in 1873 on the Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas.  The market still thrives today, attracting vendors selling new merchandise, art, funky junk, vintage and more.  It's a buyers paradise!  
    After moving to Texas, I was fortunate to experience a Monday trade day and wow was I surprised.  There were hundreds of booths.  I mean hundreds.  Why I was wearing cowboy boots, i'll never know.  I could barely get through half the market.  Tired soles lead me to a lemonade stand and there I sat.  Without a purchase in hand I vowed to return.

    I wasn't ready to give up.  I tried my luck at another popular venue in Fort Worth.  The Saturday and Sunday flea market in downtown.  The market is set in cattle barn #1 at the Will Rogers Center.  It is on a much smaller scale, with just a few rows of vendors.  They offer jewelry, vintage toys, junk and old dolls, which happens to be my daughter's favorite stuff.  There are plenty of doo-dads for everyone. 
    With popular shows like American Pickers and Antique Road Show, you can't help but want in on a good deal.  With the new trend of repursing vintage stuff, a flea market is a great place to start without braking the bank.  Happy Picking!